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Children of Alcoholics: Statistical Data

Research concludes that approximately one in four U.S. children (19 million children) are exposed at some time before age 18 to familial alcohol dependence (alcoholism), alcohol abuse, or both.*

Seventy six million Americans, about 43% of the U.S. adult population, have been exposed to alcoholism in the family.

Almost one in five adult Americans (18%) lived with an alcoholic while growing up.

Roughly one in eight American adult drinkers is alcoholic or experiences problem due to the use of alcohol. The cost to society is estimated in excess of $166 billion each year.

Alcohol is key factor in 68% of manslaughters, 62% of assaults, 54% of robberies, and 44% of burglaries.

A significant number of children in this country are being raised by addicted parents. With more than one million children confirmed each year as victims of child abuse and neglect by state child protective service agencies, state welfare records have indicated that substance abuse is one of the top two problems exhibited by families in 81% of the reported cases.

Children of alcoholics are at greater risk for teen pregnancy, learning disorders, juvenile delinquency, school drop out, suicide, eating disorders, compulsive behavior and addiction.

Children of alcoholics experience greater physical and mental health problems and higher health care costs than children from non-alcoholic families.

Inpatient admission rates for substance abuse triple that of other children.

Inpatient admission rates for mental disorders are almost double that of other children.

Injuries are more than one and one-half times greater than those of other children.

The rate of total health care costs for children of alcoholics is 32% greater than children from non-alcoholic families.

*American Journal of Public Health, January 2000 National Association for Children of Alcoholics